Wonder Woollies Play World is a digital toy for curious and imaginative preschoolers celebrating creativity and the magic of pure play. It’s a place, where kids can be kids, and where you can explore and co-create a dreamlike and playful world.


Wonder Woollies has a strong emphasis on pure open-ended play, meaning that no levels, scores or power-ups are to be found here. Instead the gameplay is focused on the possibilities of creating and exploring a personalized universe, where you get inspired to create you own imaginative narratives.


In Wonder Woollies the entire universe is a playground, where you decide what and how to play. Each character has a unique house to play in and there are various outdoor playareas as well. Items can be moved around in the universe to create endless play opportunities. How about arranging a night time concert at the stage or a delicious picnic with homemade goods.


Poppy's House and Garden

Poppy, the gardener, lives in his watercan house and tends the garden.

Poppy’s house features a tool to create wondrous plants, that you can use to decorate the entire universe. In the garden you can grow vegetables and harvest fruits from the trees.


Vanilla's House and Picnic Area

Vanilla, the foodlover lives in a cosy picnicbasket and makes food for Woollie picnics.

Vanilla’s house features a tool to create all kinds of delicious food to serve to the Woollies.



Skylar's House and Campfire

Skylar, the dreamer, lives in a rocket from where she can watch the sky.

Skylar’s house features a tool to create lightsources to lighten up the universe.

Also lightning up the universe is the campfire, where the Woollies can gather.


Harper's House and Stage

Harper, the musician lives in an old piano.

Harper’s house features a tool to create your own instruments for the characters to play.


Sunny's House and Playground

Sunny, the caretaker of the Wee Woollies lives in a beehive.

Sunny’s house features a tool to create cute Wee Woollie pets to care for.


Wiley's House and Lake

Wiley the inventor and builder lives in his blue shack.

Wiley’s house features a tool to create various kinds of carriers and vehicles.