Wonder Woollies Play World is a digital universe, but a lot of the elements in the universe are handcrafted with love. With Wonder Woollies we want to add some of the tactility and the quality of beautifully crafted physical toys to kids digital play.


Kids today meet a lot of perfect digital universes. The tactile handmade feel of Wonder Woollies, makes our visual universe stand out, but also it celebrates the imperfect. Our hope is to contribute to empowering kids and to making them want to create stuff themselves.


For smaller children, the goal of education is not always knowledge, but about the ability to explore and discover. Kids are naturally curious; they explore their surroundings, ask novel questions about how the world works, try out stuff and have a sense of wonder. In the Wonder Woollies universe kids learn through play. We see free play as serious business that benefits kid’s development and learning in many different ways.

play it away